4 de mar de 2011

Lovers Are In Trouble

Lovers are in trouble
And these troubles have no end
They come alone and in couples
And their forms are different
Everyone's all alone in this lonesome town
I just can't see anyone around

Lovers aren't laid down on their confy, cousy beds
No one talks to each other
They're too busy taking meds
And I just don't know what to do without you
I just don't know what the hell I do

I came from a place where lovers remain lovers
And they love until the end
They love, and love each other
They don't follow any trend
They just don't really want
They just don't really care about

Saying "I'm (so) sorry"
I'm telling I'm sorry

For not being who you want
Not being who you care
I'm not the one you love

Oh, baby, I'm (so) sorry

For not being who you want
For not being who you love
For not being who you care

I don't care
About being perfect all the time

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Lovers Are In Trouble - Beeshop

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